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Staging Inspired by The Joys Of Life


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Staging Inspired By the Joys of Life

Magnificent Burbank Architecture

Oak Knoll, Pasadena Firehouse

Gorgeous New Build, La Crescenta,

One Of A Kind – Certified Pearl Gold Home

Mid-century Postmodern Beauty

Our Unique Style

Style to Function is known for their love of architectural differences, and understands that inventory, process and showcasing requires a unique process. Focusing on the being inspired by the small things in life that gives us Joy, Aline Boulgourjian creates a buyer attachment that gets results. What makes us unique? Our staging starts with...


Our staging is inspired by the joys of life. Every house has a story to tell, and every buyer has a story they want to live. Connecting the two is our specialty.


We look at the style of the house, who is most likely to love it? Our process includes a full target demographic analysis of buyer and architecture design. We choose design elements, including furniture, décor and layout that will enhance the selling features.


Small and dark spaces, awkward layouts, out-dated features and fixtures, we have seen and staged them all. We are solution providers who pride on delivering great results.

Real Estate Staging

We provide staging that tells a story. It starts with identifying the most likely buyer demographic and follows with designs that showcase the property by featuring the buyer’s wants and needs.

Short Term Rentals

We create an atmosphere and feeling that not only attracts vacationers to book their stay online, it lends to the experience during their stay. We provide a turn-key solution for new short term rentals and an assessment renovation for those wanting to improve their bookings.

In The Media

Often our work splashes into the media and we can’t lie, it feels great!